Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first-time festival goer, what do I need to know?

Whether this is your first film festival ever or just your first time to our festival, there are some basic things before you read the other Festing 101 bits.

1. We are a social justice film festival. We are guiding an age-positive culture shift. Through films and talks, we are changing the narrative on ageing.

2. All our screenings last between 90 – 120 minutes. This may include speakers or panel discussions. You then have approximately a one hour break before our next screening to refill your drink, grab more treats and visit the facilities.

3. We have 2 types of screenings:

a. Marquee – these are full length feature films meant purely to entertain. All films will have older adults in leading roles.

b. ReCast – these are a short films series that can have anywhere from 2 to 9 films shown back to back. The films will last up to 90 minutes and will have speakers afterwards. Speakers will be a mix of filmmakers and subject matter experts. The theme of each of these screenings will be included in the title of the screening in our Schedule.

4. If you are a new to film festivals or are just starting to explore the concepts around aging and ageism, we suggest attending our Marquee screenings and our Age-Positive ReCast screenings.

5. We are a simulcast festival which means that we live broadcast our events over the internet at the times indicated in our Schedule. All times are in Mountain Standard Time so if you are in a different time zone, you will need to adjust the times to your zone.

6. Our films are not available in an “on demand” format. Part of our social mandate is to build a community and we believe that is best done when everyone comes together (online and in-person) at the same time to witness and share their experience.

We suggest that you peruse the rest of Festing 101 as well.

When do you announce the full festival lineup and schedule?

The full 2022 film and speaker lineup and schedule will be announced on May 7. Be one of the first to know by signing up for our newsletter.

Where do the films play?

2022 will be simulcast! Which means that our in-person audience in Calgary and an online audience from across Alberta, Canada and the world will see the same thing at the same time.

Our in-person venue in Calgary is the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall at the Central Library (800-3 Street SE).

I don’t live in Calgary; can I watch the screenings?

We have negotiated with our filmmakers and distributors on the geo-blocking (technology that restricts access to internet content based on geographical location used in the film industry primarily for copyright and licencing) of the films and each screening has its own setting. Please check our Schedule or the film of choice as the geo-blocking will be indicated in both places. As well, on Showpass, our ticketing platform, it will be right at the top of the event description.

Each screening will be geo-blocked to either Alberta or Canada or World-wide.

Please double check the geo-blocking before you finalize your purchase.

What online platform are you using and how do I access my films?

We are using customized platform that is easy to use is integrated into our ticketing system.

When you purchase a ticket, Showpass, our ticketing platform, will send you a confirmation email. There will be a link in the body of the email (to the right of the image after the words “Watch Here”). Your unique code to access the screening should not be shared - once it is used by one computer, it cannot be used by another computer to gain access. Just prior to the start of the event, click the link and you will be taken to a website where you can watch the film, its live introduction and live close/Q&A.

If you have lost or deleted your confirmation email from Showpass, please email AT LEAST 1 HOUR PRIOR TO SHOWTIME. We will be able to help you.

Can I watch the film again after the screening?

Afraid not. We want to replicate the feel of our in-person festival - to create the sense of community, gathering and discussion. We believe that the storytelling in film can inspire change and the research shows that the discussions after watching a film deepen the impact of the film. For these reasons, we will not be offering a Video-on-Demand option for the films. All our screenings will be about 2 hours in length and include a live broadcast introduction, transitioning into live streaming of the film and then back to a live broadcast closing or Q&A with filmmakers and subject matter experts. Our new platform will allow our online audience the ability to have their questions posed as we encourage interaction with our speakers.

There are so many movies, how do I decide what to see?

Our reviewers and programming team spends months choosing from hundreds of films to curate the festival. We have tips for choosing your films:

· If you have other commitments during the festival weekend, then check out our Schedule first to see which screening dates/times fit in your itinerary.

· If content or subject matter is more your focus, check our Schedule as our ReCast screenings are curated on a theme and the theme is included in the titles of these screenings. Once you find a subject that piques your interest, the films will be listed under the title and you can click on the film names to obtain more information.

Will there be Q&As in 2022?

You betcha! They are a key part of our festival and our wonderful sponsor, the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging, has confirmed another year of the Reel Research Speakers Series so we will be working with them to engage researchers and subject matter experts for our ReCast screenings. This will create a three-way dialogue between you, (the audience), the creators of the films (cause some of them will be speaking too) and their experts.

Where do I get a program guide?

All information about our films will be available exclusively online at You have a choice to visit our webpages or download our PDF Program which will be on our home page as of May 7th. You can then either read it online or print it at home.

Where can I purchase tickets and passes?

Festival passes and ticket bundles for our June 2022 festival can be found here.

Individual tickets will go on sale on May 7th and can be found here.

Join our newsletter to be one of the first to know about festival events.

How much does it cost to attend the festival?

Whether attending in-person or online, the cost will be the same:

Festival Pass $72.00

5 Ticket Bundle $37.50

3 Ticket Bundle $27.00

Individual Screening Tickets $10.00

Do you have special youth or senior pricing?

During Covid, we dropped our general admission ticket pricing significantly to make the festival more accessible financially.

Do you add fees to my order?

Yes. We use a third party ticketing and payment processing vendor as we do not have the capacity to undertake ticketing ourselves and protect your data the way we would, need or want to.

Fees are added for online transactions and walk-up sales at the festival box offices.

What is your exchange policy?

Ticket exchanges for in cinema and streaming tickets of equal value can be made without additional charges.

What is your refund policy?

We only offer refunds if a screening is canceled by THIRD ACTion.

I want to attend in-person, is the Calgary Central Library accessible?

Mobility The outside east elevator is staffed by intercom and available 24 hours a day, allowing for easy access to the main floor of the library where the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall (our theatre) is located.

On the west side, there is an intercom at the doors near the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall. Visitors with mobility challenges can use this intercom to contact security in order to use these doors. Or, continue up the sloped walkway to reach the main entrance.

Once inside, there are elevators, sloped walkways, and stairways for visitors to move throughout the building.

Hearing All films are either subtitled or closed captioned.

All ReCast screenings include an ASL interpreter for the live opening of the film and the Q&A afterwards.

Vision Elevators have braille buttons and an audible elevator signal, and stairs have tactile indicators on the railings, and on the floor at the top of the flight.

How do I purchase tickets?

1. Online at

2. In-person at our venue box office

The venue box office opens thirty minutes before the first screening each day and stays open until the end of the final screen of the day.

Are there discounts for in-person group sales?

If you are interested in purchasing in-person tickets in quantities of 10 or greater, contact us at

What if a movie I want to see no longer has tickets available for purchase?

If there are no more advance tickets available for a screening, a rush line will form one hour before the scheduled start time at the venue.

What’s a rush line?

Sometimes, we have people that purchase tickets but do not attend, thus leaving us with open seats. The rush line is admitted on a first-come, first-served basis based on the number of empty seats available in the theatre. Entry from the rush line is not guaranteed, so purchasing your tickets in advance is advisable whenever possible.

Do I need to create an online account?

Credit card purchase of tickets requires an account. When you make your first purchase on Showpass, our ticketing platform, creating an account will be part of the process.

If you are attending in-person, your purchase of tickets through our box office does not require an account to be set up.

How will THIRD ACTion use my personal information?

THIRD ACTion will only use your information to contact you about the festival. We do not sell customer data to third parties.

How can I get to the venue?


By Car

There is parking in the City Hall parkade, paid parking lots on the east side of the Library, and paid street parking in the East Village.

By C-Train

No matter which direction you are coming from, the Library is just steps from the City Hall C-Train Station.

By Bus

Bus routes stop on 3 Street SE and on 9 Avenue SE.

By Bike

Public bike racks are located on all sides of the building,


We suggest you find the easiest route from your kitchen to your living/rec room cause you are watching from the comfort of your home!

Check out the ideas below on how to replicate the cinema experience in your home. Or, if the weather is nice, take your laptop or tablet outside and do “films alfresco”!!!

The screen is the most important thing – whether it is big or small! If you don't have one, you can't watch the films. The main thing is the lighting around your viewing area. Remove all reflections as best you can.

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on. If you are on a computer or tablet make sure you have some good headphones or earbuds ready to go. If you are watching on a TV, test your volume. How close is your laundry room? Maybe hold off on the laundry during showtime. Boisterous dog or hungry cat? Make sure they have been fed and the dog’s been out for a pee before showtime.

How is your seating arrangement set up? Shuffle that La-z-boy recliner
into its optimal viewing position. Grab yourself some pillows.

It's all about the popcorn! Even if you don't want to eat it, just having the
aroma in your viewing space will get you into the right mood. Always under-cook your popcorn. Burnt popcorn smell just doesn't work!

Make sure you have your favorite movie treats handy. If purchased a few
days earlier, hide them! At least that is what we have to do. You don't want anyone partaking early and leaving your snack bucket empty. How about ordering in? Since you are at home you can bring in whatever you want to your personal theater.

Half of the fun is the build up of anticipation while you are getting ready.