2018 FILMS

All the World's a Stage

Canada / 2017 / 12 minutes 48 seconds

The Best Is Yet To Come

Sun / June 10 / 10:30am

Presented By

Calgary Seniors Resource Society

All the World's a Stage


A documentary portrait and homage to revolutionary theatre artists Joyce Doolittle, Grant Reddick and John Murrell. These trailblazers, who have laid the foundation for the renowned eclectic theatre scene that thrives in Alberta today, look back on how their experiences have shaped their lives.


Northwest Fest
Alberta Film & Television Awards (Nominee for: Best Non-Fiction Short, Best Director Non-Fiction Short, Best Original Music Score)


Directors/Editors: Sandi Somers, Corey Lee
Producers: Sandi Somers, Corey Lee
Key Cast: Joyce Doolittle, Grant Reddick, John Murrell
Cinematographer: Tyler Richardson
Production Design & Projection: Andy Moro
Original Score: Alec Harrison
Make Up: Ana Ortiz
Camera Assistant: Noah Leach
Design & Projection Assistant: James Ravenhill
Lighting & Grip: Ryan Drescher
Production Assistant: Tommi Angel Watts
Sound Design & Mix: Frank Laratta
Color Timing: Brendon Rathbone
Concept Originator: Christopher Hunt
Lighting & Grip Equipment: Power Productions