2018 FILMS

Tiger - (Joon Moon)

France / 2017 / 4 minutes

We're Not Going To Take It!

Sat / June 9 / 10:30am

Tiger - (Joon Moon)


A musical statement about the need to question the power structure of society. Tension builds as we see our female protanganist mistreated by those that feel they have power over her.


Harrogate Film Festival (Best Music Film)
Il Corto In Spiaggia (Best Music Video)
Ibiza Music Video Festival (Best VFX)
Arte Non Stop Festival (Best Screenplay)
Wasteland Film Festival
Bogota Music Video Festival
Szczecin European Film Festival
El Vampirascopio
Mediterranean Film Festival
Les Irrecuperables
Festival de Cine de Castilla - La Mancha FECICAM
Ishinomaki International Film Festival
UOW Film Festival


Director/Writer: Jethro Massey
Key Cast: Anouchka Csernakova
Director of Photography: Isarr Eiriksson
Steadicam: Johann Jolivet
Editor: Julien Chardon
Special Effects: Pierre-Alain Mbarga
Costume: Chloé Pernet
Hair & Make-Up: Léna Rogoff