2018 FILMS


Italy / 2017 / 9 minutes 42 seconds

You Gotta A Friend In Me

Sun / June 10 / 1:30pm



Inspired by true events, the film addresses the theme of dementia as a way to travel through time. A special gift that has the protagonist, Peggie, in a quiet Californian afternoon, moving from one room to another in her home, crossing different epochs of her life. See through Peggie's eyes and memory as each corner she turns in her home moves her through time.


Corto Dorico (Audience Award, “Ondacinema” Award, “Ristretti Oltre le Mura” Award)
Visioni Italiane (Young Audience Award)
Fuori Mercato Film Festival
Poverarte - Festival di tutte le Arti
Premio Cinematografico "Fausto Rossano Per Il Pieno Diritto Alla Salute" (Best Short)
Movievalley Bazzacinema (Best Cinematography)
River Film Festival
Civitanova Film Festival
Registi a Confronto
Valsusa Film Festival


Director: Rosario Capozzolo
Writers: Rosario Capozzolo, Ludovica Isidori
Producers: Roxy Shih, Rosario Capozzolo, Ludovica Isidori