2019 FILMS


Canada / 2018 / 20 minutes

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (Ageism)

Sun / June 9 / 4:30 pm

Presented By

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society



In a future where elderly people are so underfunded they are forced to live with their families and treated like dogs, Kathy’s family decides to discontinue paying for her medical expenses in favor of buying a new vehicle. Kathy seeks a way to pay for her medicine, while bonding with her granddaughter Annie.


Director(s): Jesse Pickett
Producer(s): Jordan Davis
Writer(s): Jesse Pickett
Featuring: P. Lynn Johnson, Alyssa Andronyk

Please note that this film is a part of a screening on Ageism/Elder Abuse. Some of the films in this screening contain coarse language, sexual content and nudity, and disturbing subject matter and tone.