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Lines of Sight

United States / 2018 / 57 minutes

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (Age-Positive)

Sat / June 8 / 10:30 am

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Kerby Centre

Lines of Sight


American painter Jim "JC" Hall woke up one morning to find his vision had been flawed by a debilitating case of Shingles. He saw everything in vertical lines. Instead of panicking he started painting, creating a daring new artform he calls Lineillism. We built a "canvas cam" to capture everyone of the nearly 500,000 brush strokes that go into a Lineillism painting and we followed Jim for nearly a year for this honest and inspiring story. This is the first time Jim's story is being told in a documentary.


Bare Bones International Film Festival
Indie Gathering International Film Festival - Viewer’s Choice Award


Director(s): Steve Oldfield
Producer(s): Patric McCabe, Jim Hampton
Writer(s): Steve Oldfield