2019 FILMS

Nine to Ninety

United States / 2016 / 29 minutes

The House That Jack Built (Housing)

Sat / June 8 / 4:30 pm

Presented By

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society

Nine to Ninety


NINE TO NINETY is the love story of Phyllis and Joe Sabatini, who at age 89 and 90 live in the home of their daughter and son-in-law, where they relish time with their young granddaughter Jacqueline. But as the family struggles to make ends meet and the grandparents’ health problems escalate, Phyllis becomes determined to free her daughter from the burden of caring for everyone from nine to ninety. When Phyllis makes a difficult decision to move 3,000 miles away to live with their other daughter, she faces parting from Joe, her husband of 62 years. Phyllis’ choice ignites bigger conversations about when the best way to say ‘I love you’ is to say ‘goodbye’ and how to age with dignity.


Hot Docs
Rome International Film Festival
IDA International Documentary Awards
Heartland Film Festival
USA Film Festival - First Place, Non-Fiction
Holly Shorts Film Festival


Director(s): Alicia Dwyer
Producer(s): Juli Vizza, Michael Dwyer
Featuring: Phyllis & Joe Sabatini
Angela & Carmine Vizza
Sarah, Jacqueline & Jack Scibona