2019 FILMS

Prisoners of Age

Canada / 2004 / 48 minutes

The House That Jack Built (Housing)

Sat / June 8 / 4:30 pm

Presented By

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society

Prisoners of Age


The people in the photos may look like your brother or your grandfather, but they are murderers and sex crime perpetrators, in jail for life - the self-described "garbage of society." We lock them up, but should we just throw away the keys and forget about them? "Prisoners of Age" is a documentary about photographer Ron Levine's groundbreaking work with geriatric convicts.


Santa Fe Film Festival
Whistler Film Festival
Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival
Brooklyn International Film Festival
New Orlean Film Festival
Columbus International & Video Festival
Annapolis Film Festival
International Documentary Festival of Mexico City


Director(s): Stan Feingold
Producer(s): Stan Feingold
Writer(s): Stan Feingold
Featuring: Ron Levine