2021 FILMS

Garden Shark: there are some things dementia can't touch

Sunday / June 13, 2021 / 1:30 PM
Canada / 2020 / 27 min / Documentary / English
Available Viewing Area: Alberta-wide
Short Film Series: You Gotta Friend in Me (Dementia/Caregiving)

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Garden Shark: there are some things dementia can't touch


Garden Shark breaks through the hopelessness and loss of a dementia diagnosis by giving people living with dementia and their caregivers a new way to connect and find joy. It explores improv’s ability to teach people to live in the moment, communicate, and learn to laugh in spite of their struggles. Garden Shark highlights couples’ individual experiences and shows how beautifully partners living with dementia respond to the risk free, playful and hilarious environment created by Inside Out Theatre’s Village Improv for Alzheimer’s program.


Stinger Awards Calgary Best Long Form Documentary, Best Director - Anna Cooley, Best Cinematographer - Kara Artym Canada


Director(s): Anna Cooley
Producer(s): Dawn Nagazina